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My Story


Tiffaney  Strayhorne, Owner


Starting my company gave me the opportunity to use gifts the Universe granted me at birth. My Grandmother nurtured those same gifts throughout our short time together by teaching me to cook with love and passion in order to give the people I love the joy and moments they deserved in life.

There was was no family meal or family moment without Pauline.
She sat in the corner of the kitchen on a yellow stool and instructed me every step of the way.
I am so pleased to take what seemed so small to me at the time and use it to serve the people I encounter on a daily basis. Whether it be a wedding, a birthday, a girls night... graduation, whatever the occasion: Pauline's LLC. Is here to serve YOU! In the name of her, in the name of love... in the name of passion. We are here to add joy to every moment you allow us to touch.

To my grandmother, Ms. Pauline :

This is the house that Tiffaney built.
I hope that I am making you proud.


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