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1. How can I book a custom order?

Submit custom inquiries by selecting "Submit an inquiry" on our site menu. Be sure to answer all of the required questions for accurate quotes and streamlined service.  Most freestyled abstract designs can be paid for directly through our shop pending order and date approval.

2. Is a deposit required?

Yes, ALL custom orders require a deposit. All orders $165 and under require full payment at ordering, all weddings require a deposit to reserve a date, all online orders are to be paid in full . Deposits are nonrefundable.

3. How do I transport my cake?

Your custom order has been chilled overnight if you are local, if you are traveling a considerable distance ask how we can freeze your order to help with travel (process and availability of this service will vary depending on distance and size of your order). During warm months we suggest you treat your cake like ice cream! Transport on a flat surface free of debris with your temperature at 72 degrees or below. Deliver to a cool environment 72 degrees or below. If you are consuming the same day it is HIGHLY suggested that you refrigerate until 2-3 hours prior to your event. If you have requested your order be frozen allow to defrost at least 6 hours in your refrigerator and then follow your normal thawing procedure for local cake pickups. We highly suggest large tiered cakes be arranged for delivery and left in our care to ensure safe arrival for a small fee.

4. Where is pickup?
Pickup information is always listed as agreed in the terms and conditions of your invoice

5. What is my pickup time?

You tell us! Arrange for pickup by 2pm at the time you order. If you do not have a time yet don't worry, we will call you 24 hours before your pickup date to make sure we have that information coordinated.

6. What is your cancellation policy?

We are sorry you have to cancel, but totally understand! Refunds regarding deposits are not available. Balances outside of that are refundable at the owners discretion within 5-7 business days.

7. How do I pay?

Online orders are paid at checkout , Custom cake orders are paid via invoice, service requests, supplies and all other products are paid directly through our shop

8. Do you provide cake tastings?

Yes, cake tastings are available for 40.00. Submit an inquiry with your choice of 4 flavors to try. Please include details regarding your potential larger order in order for your quote to be available at the time of tasting. Tasting times and dates are arranged based on our current pickup/delivery schedule. 

9. How do you communicate?

The majority of communication once an order is submitted via website will be through email. If there is any confusion regarding your request we will give you a call at our earliest convenience. However, having clear details in writing is ideal for frequent reference when producing custom orders.

10. How soon do I need to book?

As soon as you have a date and can cover deposit! Orders are first paid first served including deposits. Once availability is filled for a particular date that date is closed for ordering. Its never too early! As we are a  high volume online bakeshop be sure to order ahead!

11. How do I gain access to weekly deals?

Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to receive weekly email regarding specials only available to "Cake Crew"

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